Unicorn Bath Brittle

What is Unicorn Bath Brittle Anyway?

Okay, you’ve heard about bath bombs, salts and you know that Farm Stand Apothecary is known for our offbeat scents. However, you may not be sure exactly what unicorn bath brittle is. Well, we’d love to share this new, fun creation with you!

First, the bath brittle part. The only problem with using a bath bomb is getting the size right. If you take a bath in a small tub, a standard bomb may be too powerful. However, in those giant soaking tubs, it might be much too small. Bath brittle solves that problem. It provides all the benefits of a bath bomb but in smaller, chunky pieces. Add as much or as little as you’d like!

The unicorn part is what makes it fun. Our unicorn products are simply a fun, light scent but with pastel “unicorn colors” and a bit of glitter to help you sparkle and shine. That’s all there is to our unicorn bath brittle. We’re sure this is something you will love to give as a gift or to keep for yourself!