Soy Candles

Why Choose Soy Candles

If you’re a candle lover, you may wonder why all the fuss over soy candles? After all, regular wax candles work fine, don’t they? Actually, there are several benefits to this particular type of candle. Consider the following:

  • Soy Candles are Natural - While you may think of all candles as natural, the reality is that many “regular” candles are actually made from unhealthy chemicals and man-made products.

  • They Burn Longer - While soy candles may cost a bit more up front, they have a significantly longer burn time which will actually save you money in the long run.

  • They Burn Cleaner - Soy candles create less soot and air pollution when compared to paraffin candles. Your air will stay much cleaner.

  • The Scents Linger - Essential oil mixed with the soy makes for a long, slow release of the scent. You’ll be impressed by how the scents linger in the air and freshen your home.